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A fun, easy to learn racquet sport open to all participants. We are located in Ukiah, California.

Come Join Us!

This video shows us playing Pickleball on a Saturday at the new Alex Rorabaugh Center in Ukiah. The courts are lined for Pickleball (red lines) and there are two courts available for play. There are also three lined courts at Oak Manor park in east Ukiah.

Play Times


Alex Rorabaugh Center

Two indoor courts are available at Alex Rorabaugh Center in Ukiah.

This location is right next to Grace Hudson Elementary School in south Ukiah. Ample parking is available in the parking lot. Drive into the parking lot, then enter the gym at the back of the building. The direct gymnasium entrance is used, so walk past the (locked) outer lobby doors and enter through the outer gym doors. Restrooms and drinking fountains are available.

Oak Manor Courts

Not used much anymore--we only occasionally use these courts on Saturdays. Three outdoor courts are available at Oak Manor Park in Ukiah.

Parking is available on the street outside the courts. Please note that there is only a single portable toilet within easy walking distance.
For seating, two benches are available, one at either side of the courts, but tournament participants are encouraged to bring their own seating (camping chairs or other portable seats).

Ukiah Methodist Church Court

Not used much anymore. In inclement weather conditions a single indoor court is available at the Ukiah Methodist Church. We appreciate their generosity in allowing us to use this facility.

To get to the court inside the church, enter from the Bush St. side, and find the small entrance and hallway between two larger buildings (you'll have to go through a gate). Walk straight down the short hallway to the doors on the left. This is the Pickleball court.

Contact Us

Feel free to email the webmaster, Marc Carson, at, or call Willie McGinn at (707) 621-1836 for game information.

Pickleball ball and paddle

Your first visit

We'd love to see you at Pickleball! Please wear comfortable athletic clothing, and stretch out before & after play. Many of us bring water or our favorite court beverage, but note that beverages cannot be consumed inside Alex Rorabaugh Center's gymnasium. If you have a Pickleball paddle, please bring it. If not, we often have extras that you can use until you decide whether you'd like to continue to play.

A small membership fee is charged (something like $5 per session, with $3.50 of that amount to be rebated later for locals), and you can purchase paddles or other equipment from Jim Colling.

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